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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  October 27, 2017 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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still trying to get through the dongs.s. blen plenty of intrigue lee harvey oswald acting as an agent of the cia? that remains unanswered. the white house did release over 2800 records, roughly 300 others kept classified because of national security concerns. more on that in a moment. first some high lights like the cia director suddenly cut soft before answering a critical question. in records from a 1974 deposition. richard helms was asked whether there was any information involved with the assassination of president kennedy which in any way shows that lee harvey oswald was no some way a cia agent or an agent. the document ends suddenly there without the rest of his
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response. also in the documents, 1975 report of the cia's role in foreign assassinations. attorney general robert kennedy telling the fbi he learned the hired an intermediary to approach a mobster who was offered money to go into cuba to kill fidel castro. >> then there's an fbi memo from the new orleans field office three months before the jfk assassination. it describes monitoring the fair play for cuba committee and says the group's activities dropped off considerably after the departure of lee harvey oswald. >> also the fbi received a telephone threat on oswald's life the day before he was murdered. j edgar hooverer confirming it was from a man talking in a calm voice. hoover also on record saying os walled's killer, jack ruby denied making that call.
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>> other highlights include a cube an intel officer claiming to know oswald and two months before the assassination oswald was intercepted speak to go a kgb officer in broken russian. also this morning serious new ethical questions facing the president and justice department after, the president -- all of this circling back to who else? hillary clinton. the i form mapt played a critical role in the fbi investigation of russian's efforts to gain influence in the u.s. uranium industry while clinton was the secretary of state. >> last week chuck grassley publicly called on the justice department to lift the gag order. so the justice department can do so. the but there are rules limiting white house involvement in criminal law enforcement matters like this one. >> informant's lawyer confirming
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the fbi cleared her client to speak about moscow's efforts to gain influence with the clintons. the question now, did president trump improperly exert his influence to punish hillary clinton? let's ask our guests who are trying to die ygest this information. here in new york, historian, julian zelizer. there's a lot to try to process. sara, let's start with you. is the trump administration essentially weaponizing the doj to relitigate the election? >> president trump has at different points in his presidency expressed frustration with the way attorney general jeff sessions has been conducting business. the he's been frustrated that he didn't show enough willingness for example to go after leakers earlier in the administration. jeff sessions didn't seem to have an interest in prosecuting
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hillary clinton like president trump promised on the campaign trail. this is one of the first concrete actions we've seen of president trump pushing the doj to do something in the hillary clinton space because for so long he threatened he was going to lock her uch. and then he backed off that. this is one of the first times he's taken a concrete step to advance a case against hillary clinton. in a vacuum, without president trump's involvement, it's a good thing to always have more transparency to learn more about this fbi informant, to learn more about the case. president trump's personal involvement does raise some concern. >> i mean it's highly unusual for the white house, for the president, to get involved in something like this. is it illegal? i mean is it an overreach? >> it's the selectivity of this it that's particularly concerning. here, as he or the administration is under an eye with this investigation, obstruction of justice, into russian collusion, to have him
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selectively insert himself this way certainly is problematic. i don't know if it's illegal at this point but it's going to rub many people the wrong way. the it's the comparison where he stands on these investigations. >> meanwhile, you've got the trump media asking if the obama administration essentially weaponized the fbi in this uranium story as russia bought up u.s. uranium companies and the fact that the hillary clinton and dnc hired out a company that essentially did research that led to the dossier. my head hurts. your head hurts. but, is there anything to this notion that the president of the united states says this uranium sale is something like watergate. listen. >> well i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money
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being passed i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> sara? is it? >> it's so interesting that this is the case that he's chosen to seize on right now. there are very legitimate criticisms against the dnc in the clinton campaign to cover up the fact that they paid for the research that resulted in the dossier. the uranium deal came into the public consciousness about two wee years ago. she was forced to answer for this. it's resurfacing because the small new detail that an fbi informant possibly had more information about the way the deal was pursued immateri. >> because of that, the trump media calling for bob miller to be fired.
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james comey to be locked up. >> let's talk jfk. >> let's make a hard left turn or right turn. let's bring in julian to talk about what we've learned about the jfk assassination, what's been under wraps for more than 50 years, what jumps out alt you? >> well, one the incompetence that you see in the intelligence agencies. these incredible memos that first they lose track of oswald. agents in new orleans lose track of where he is, and most fascinating is after the assassination, hoover has warnings that there's someone aiming a group, aiming to kill oswald, which he's very concerned about after that happens. so that's kind of an interesting part. the vast amount of espionage, of efforts to assassinate cas crtr which we know about. i think it will be eye opening for a new generation of what the u.s. was involved in.
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>> what's the eye opening part to you, sir? >> that is exactly what i was going to say, the lengths to which the cia considered assassinating fidel castro. that's not something you typically hear about these days, in one case hiring an intermediary to approach a mob because to talk about dusting his swimsuit with poison. that's not something you think about your tax dollars funding. that was certainly eye opening for me. >> every bit as intriguing is the questions that have not been answered. what to you is most intriguing? >> the one for everyone is most intriguing is who is oswald if anyone. was he connected to anyone. and so there isn't any more new evidence from what i have seen, at least, so far, that offers more data on that. he had many points of connection. he speaks to someone in the kgb.
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we see in a memo, though we knew about these contacts in mexico city, there's suspicions all over, including from lbj, who is he connected to? does this have something to do with south vietnam. but i think it's going to be unsatisfying for one looking for a smoking gun zblo what do you think the intelligence agencies are objecting to in releasing these documents? >> some of this, i suspect is to compromise activities they did, including some of what we're talking about now. there might be operations that are still relevant to these agency, methodologies they still use that they don't want to reveal and probably just the embarrassing information about the agencies that they're a little leery. there's no reason to hold anything back at this point. this has been around so much. get it out. because not getting it out is in fact what fuels the.
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>> we'll talk more in 30 minutes, sara will answer the question is the president losing his base. >> first new cnn reporting on the ambush. one of the first soldiers on the scene says whene saw the unit the day enough protection in a high-risk area. we are live in niger, next. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. you got this, jimmy! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. pick a domain name. choose a design. you can build a website in under an hour. now that's a strike! get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. i love you. ...has grown into an enterprise.
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♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ ♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ ♪ this is what it sounds like ♪ ♪ whoa-oh-oh, i'm alive ♪ ♪ alive! gives you more vitamins and minerals than leading brands. ♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ ♪ because when you start with more, you own the morning. alive! . we're getting a new first hand account of the ambush that killed four american soldiers. a soldier who was first on the scene after the attack spoke exclusively to cnn. he tells us american and nigerien were ready to fight until the end. he also saw the unit the day before and described the group as a light force. let's go live to niger and bring
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in cnn's david mckenzie. that is the day before. we don't know how armed they were the day of the assault. correct? >> reporter: well we do know how armed they were because the pentagon has said that they were with light weapons, and with machine guns on the scene. because they weren't expecting any contact with the enemy. those nigerien source that tell us, they seemed to not have the support he was expecting going into that danger zone. it must be said that there have been multiple attacks in that board er region just close to where i'm standing here now, over the past year on nigerien soldiers. so that source was surprised that they had the level of support that they did. but he did describe coming on to that scene, part of that reaction force that went to try to help out in the terrible situation. he said that the surviving u.s. soldiers were back-to-back with their nigerien counter parts
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ready to fight to the death. he said it was extraordinary to him to see how brave those soldiers were who were engaged in this multi-hour fire fight with isis-backed militants. he also said that the wounded soldiers he spoke to described multiple suv attackers and followed up by many, many, in his words, motor cycles coming in with a great deal of force to attack the american and nigerien soldiers. so it was clearly an awful ambush and certainly a brave standoff by these green berets and nigerien counterparts. >> standing reporting. thanks. cvs may buy aetna for $66 billion. if this is approved this could reshape the health care
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industry. aetna is one of the nation's biggest insurers. the wall stre"the wall street j reported the bid. cvs was likely to do this because of amazon. it may be entering the pharmacy business itself and report the broke yesterday that amazon received pharmacy license in several states. the merger would be a boon for aetna as well because it creates a whole new avenue to grow its business. that's been critical for insurers to help offset losses from obamacare. aetna has actually lost $900 million since 2014. that's why it will exit the exchanges completely next year. one reason obamacare premiums are going to spike in 2018. another reason they will spike, to offset president trump's costing -- taking away those
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subsidies. the consumers can already check out next year's prices. silver plan premiums will rise an average 34%. i'm going to watch whether this deal can actually happen. it can mean a huge difference for consumers. you've got amazon -- we could see drug prices come down because. >> because amazon, if they get in. >> not just because of that because it would give cvs more leverage to sort of negotiate its prices. >> arguable i will the most important story of the day. a rescue at sea, five months in the making, two women overjoyed after being tracked down. how they were found and how they survived at sea since may. next. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right. netflix on us. get 4 unlimited lines for just $40 bucks each.
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prides itself on its inclusiveness and diversity but admits there's room for improvement, saying unconscious biases are enormous problems that no one as mastered and we should never suggest we have it all figured out. he hopes to meet with leaders about its complaints. two women rescued after being stranded at sea for five months. look at this, because you can see the coast guard rushing toward jennifer appel, and tasha fuiava of honolulu. once one of the women sees the coast guard you can see how excited she is. of the fortunately they were both saved along with their dog, who was also on the boat. turns out they set sail this spring in honolulu to tahiti. the crew immediately alerted officials. luckily they prepared for a long
2:23 am
trip. they had more than a year's worth of food on board but i'm sure they had cabin feverer. >> getting his team within one win of the world series not enough to yankee manager joe girardi to keep his job. revealing with a heavy heart they decided no to the bring him back. in the ten years, he won more than 900 games including the 2009 world series. girardi is a great one. meantime the 2017 world series resumes tonight, game 3 in houston. dodgers astros tied a game apiece. jachlt yachlt wajy watt expecte to throw out the first pitch. he's out the entire football season but they will give him an enormous standing ovation. winter storms and
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nor'easter. let's get the laters. >> good morning. our first accumulating snowfall event in the midwest. there will be frosty pumpkins. winter storm warnings. how much, anywhere from 4 to as much as half a foot of snowfall. some areas picking up upwards of 8 inches. in fact the snow is already falling. part of a storm system that will begin pushing east. on the backside as you can imagine, big time cold. and this is going to be a wet system for the northeast. it will be a nor'easter in that the winds are going to be coming in from the northeast. but it's going to be wet. this will continue sunday into the early part of next week. 4 to 6 inches of rainfall. accompanied with gusty winds. 30 to 40 miles per hour.
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w wet and windy and that snow flying now for the first time significantly. >> thanks very much. did president trump help clear the way for an fbi informant to tef as payback against hillary clinton? >> and thousands of documents with long-held secrets about the kennedy assassination. did lee harvey oswald have a cia correction? wild cliff-hanger, next. >> two intre preen ners are building a travel. >> the first product came from a -- i was at the airport and all of my clothes just spilled out everywhere and she called me to complain. and she started being like why isn't there a brand that makes high quality product that's not going to break and that doesn't cost more than the trip i'm talking it on.
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j.j. w the veil is lifted on long-held secrets about the kennedy assassination. mob hits on castro, threats on lee harvey oswald and the amazing cliff-hanger. was oswald an agent of the cia? >> fascinating stuff. fbi informant can now testify about russian attempts to gain influence in the u.s. did president trump accomplish that for political payback on hillary clinton? we will dive into both of these sungts on a very intriguing day
2:32 am
here on "early start." >> good morning. 30 minutes past the hour. and we've got two big stories for you this morning. first, plenty of intrigue following the late night release of the jfk files by the trump administration. was lee harvey oswald acting as an agent of the cia? in a stunner, there's no answer this morning. while the white house did release over 2800 records, roughly 300 others were kept classified because of the national security concerns. more on that in a moment. first some highlights like the cia director under lbj suddenly cut short after answering a question. he is asked whether there's any information involved with the aassassination of president conditiondy which in any way show that is lee harvey oswald was in some way a cia agent or an agent. the document ends suddenly there
2:33 am
without the rest of helms's response. >> also a 1975 report on the cia's role in foreign assassinations. attorney general robert kennedy telling the fbi he learned the cia hired an intermediary to approach a mobster, that mobster was offered $150,000 to go into cuba to kill fidel castro, one option, poisoning him with bot lymph pills. >> also they received a -- j edgar hoover confirming there was a call from a man talking in a calm voice saying he was a member of a committee to kill oswald. >> it reads like a movie script. let's bring in cnn political analytic julian zelizer. so hear all this we're talking about a lot of it redacted. what jumps out at you?
2:34 am
o one there was information they seem to have there was an effort to kill oswald after his arrest. that's not something we had seen, and it's pretty shocking evidence of potential incompetence. we also get more information that we knew about of all the different espionage and assassination efforts that the cia was involved with during this time, including the ongoing efforts to kill fidel castro which many people thought was part of what angered oswald who was a big supporter of castro. these are two big pillars so far. >> what i can't seem to get past this morning is for years the conspiracy theories have gained traction. the theory was he this was all rolled out, two put them all to rest. did it? or did it add to the she
2:35 am
everies. >> i don't think anything so far gives us more information that oswald was a part of a coulden searsy. we read there are questions about it and doubts about it. but that doesn't mean there was a conspiracy. this is fuelled by ongoing information that's out there. that's what won searsy theorists love and we still have more information we don't have. my guess is once we have everything, it will still be conspira conse consear theories. >> buthese files are from spy agency, will we reall ever have all the documents to put all the puzzle pieces together? >> we won't have everything we we have a lot. we have elonged through this information. and all the judgments so far are based on a pretty big cachet of document the. i think we can feel pretty good about where we are. this is going to add to some of that international picture of what was going on.
2:36 am
>> no doubt create more scripts for movies as more details come out. >> sure. >> certainly expect to see that. >> absolutely. specially all the stuff about what the cia was doing overseas during these years is intriguing for many americans. we learned this in the 1970's. it shock the the country when senator frank church revealed this and i think it's going to be a new round of discussion. >> maybe certainly generate interest from a younger generation. >> it has. my 9-year-old was asking questions which i thought was a great development. >> julian's going to join on "new day." also this morning serious new ethical questions facing the president after whether personally influencing a decision to lift a gag order, all circling back to hillary clinton. the informant played a critical role in the fbi's investigation efforts to gain
2:37 am
influence--senator judiciary called on the justice department to lift the gag order blocking the informant from speaking to congress chgt the justice department can do so. but there are rules limding white house involvement in criminal enforcement matters like this one. >> informant's lawyer confirming the fbi cleared her client to speak about moscow's efforts to gain influence with the clintons. the question now did president trump improperly exert his influence to punish hillary clinton. let's bring in sara westwood, white house correspondent for "the washington examiner." this is a lot like the jfk story, two completely different narratives emerging from the story. one from the trump media is that you should lock up james comey, lock up eric holder and bob mueller should be fired. on the other hand did the trump administration weaponize the doj. what is your take away. >> what we don't know the
2:38 am
exact -- whether trump picked up the phone and dialed jeff sessions, if this was done at the staff level. it's not clear how this shook out. in a vacuum, it would be a good thing that an fbi informant would be freed up to talk to congress if there's a a chance the public could learn more about a case, a transaction that clearly has an enormous amount of public interest but it does raise concerns the president is intervening in a potential criminal investigation against one of his political opponents. when you spin it that way that is something that's going to raise concerns particularly among democrats. >> obviously it's unusual for a president to intervene in this way. is it legal? >> we just have no way of knowing at this point exactly how this took place. it's something that's so new, we don't know exactly what's going to come to light from this informant. this is something that's obviously going to get more scrutiny.
2:39 am
the congressman on the house intelligence committee has already said he's going to start looking into this. i'm sure we are going to learn more in the coming days about how president trump went about asserting himself into this case. >> president trump calls this whole thing like watergate. so we've got water gait and the jfk assassination, all this on 2017. let's talk tax force a moment because that was arguably the biggest story the day yesterday. house approving the budget that clears the way for tax reforms/tax cuts but clears by a narrow margin as 20 republicans vote no on this budget. and here's what paul ryan said about what's going to happen once they reveal this tax plan. >> are you at all concerned that his rollout next week, that he's not going to maybe like some of them and tweet something about it? >> he's going to be in asia, number 1.
2:40 am
>> okay. paul ryan's jokes last week were pretty revealing and perhaps so was that one. where are we headed? >> well, keep in mind that a lot of republicans who voted against this budget were republicans from states that would be hit hardest by republicans keeping the elimination of the state and local tax deductions in the plan. that's something potentially on the chopping block. so republicans from states like new york and new jersey, they are obviously really opposed to eliminating that tax deduction, because it would hit their on stit wents the hardest, potentially raise taxes on middle class families in those states. that's something that's potentially most likely to be eliminated in the plan. if that happens i think you'll see republican support consolidate more. >> but the question is does president trump have support from republicans. you look at a latest "fox ws poll showing his disproval rate up and approval rate down. >> right. the "fox news" poll did show
2:41 am
that president trump has continued this steady decline in his approval ratings. keep m mind we haven't really seen his approval ratings plum met in response to one event. tr they've dropped steadily as he failed to notch any major policy achievement. one number that stuck out was the 12-point drop in september in support among white men with no college degree. it's his base that stuck with him through thick and thin. its support starts to evaporate. that's something i think will concern the white house. >> that's a shocking number. that is one that's going to cause some people to lose sleep in the white house. all right. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> have a great weekend. ahead, the secretary of defense with an overnight stop in the dmz ahead of the president's trip to asia.
2:42 am
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5:46. ravens dominating the dolphins last night, but the win coming at the price of joe flaco knocked down at the game. >> andy scholes has more. >> good morning. it is not been a good month for nl quarterbacks. the latest having to leave the game. he went out in the second quarter after this brutal hit by the dolphins. he was flying when alonzo drills him with a shoulder. clearly dazed and his ear was actually bleeding when he got up. the ravens said he had a concussion after the game.
2:47 am
alonzo was flagged for unnecessary roughness but not ejected from the game. later on in the game. apparently something was said and check it out. sun grabbed him by the throat and pushes him. it's a frustrating night. final 40-0. raiders, marshawn lynch suspended for running on to the field and shoving an official during a scuffle with the chiefs. that means he can't practice with the raiders, but that doesn't mean he can't practice with his old high school team. check it out. scrimmaging with oakland technical high school and lynch dominating as he should, just trucking these kids out there on the field. el he be back with the raiders next week. world series in houston today. yesterday astros manager addressing a tmz report he was in a bar night in l.a. after game one, calling the report
2:48 am
ridiculous. >> first off, there was no altercation. it's a shame i get asked about some nonsense fabrications and nonstories. i have to respond to it on a national stage. fabrications really suck. i'm not going to address any of them. >> all right. first pitch tonight set for just after 8:00 eastern. throwing out the first pitch tonight will be none other than j.j. watt. watt has suffered a season-ending broken leg three weeks ago helped raise more nan $37 million after hurricane harvey ravaged houston. he announced most bb given to nonprofit organizations. providing medical and mental health services. could make it the costliest natural disaster. i'm heading to game 3 later on today. i guarantee you that place is going to go nuts when j.j. watts comes out. on crutches, because he just had
2:49 am
surgery for that broken leg. that's going to go nuts. >> i will be watching. >> remember that goal is $200,000. he's now had 200,000 donors. >> it was -- according to forbes, it was the most successful crowd funding campaign ever. so hats off to him. >> benefiting people affected by the hurricane. >> i'd like to see an interview with kate upton. >> two women rescued after being stranded at sea for five months. you can see the coast guard rushing. one of the woman clearly relieved. fortunately both saved along with the dogs on the boat. turns out they set sail this spring but their boat's engine died back in may. on tuesday a taiwan fish oog boat found them and identify lerted officials. luckily the women prepared for a long trip with more than a
2:50 am
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could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. . getting a new first hand account of the deadly ambush that killed four american soldiers in niger earlier this month. nigerien soldier whose unit was first on the scene after the attack spoke to cnn. >> the soldier tells us american and nigerien forces were ready to fight until the end. that same soldier also saw the green beret unit the day before and dae scribed the group as a light force. let's go live to niger and bring in david mckenzie. what else is he saying about this attack? >> reporter: well, you can
2:54 am
imagine, this soldier came upon the after math of this. he said as he got to that scene, which is pretty close to where i'm standing now, just at the border between niger and mali. he said he saw them standing back to back. that came after a severe ambush by what he said the nigerien survivors say were multiple suv's followed up by many, many motor cyclists all out to attack those nigerien and american soldiers. u.s. sources saying that despite the odds stacked against them, the americans and nigeriens managed to kill at least 20 of those isis-affiliated attackers. now, our source did say he came across that patrol a day before saying he was surprised that the fact that they were lightly armed and without much support.
2:55 am
we shouldn't necessarily read too much into that because they were nunder the impression it ws a relatively low risk mission. >> we are getting great details what happened that night, that day, certainly so many more open questions. thanks so much. over night u.s. defense secretary james mattis visiting the demilitarizeed zone in south korea. not war. mattis's trip coming ahead of president trump's visit to asia next week. the cnn's will ripley the only journalist reporting from pyongyang is live with us this evening. this still we're talking about a potential trump visit to the dmz? >> reporter: well that is the big question here in pyongyang. north korean officials wondering if mattis's visit is going to
2:56 am
replace the possibility of president trump visiting the demilitarize the zone along the 38th parallel. that concern all along has been that if he went to this highly mill tar rise the area and said something inflammatory off script, it could really turn an already bad situation here far worse. and so that's one question. the white house has indicated to cnn it's unlikely but trump had left it open to speculation as to whether or not he will go to the dmz. i will say that secretary mal tis didn't say anything that would necessarily enrage the north koreans any more than they already are against the united states. everything that he said is things they've heard before, but when i showed some officials his statement where he said that the goal of the united states is complete denuclearize of th korean peninsula, basically the response is that is a completely unrealistic possibility because north korea feels they are so close to this point finalizing
2:57 am
the stages of developing their deter rent against the united states. it's simply not on the table. >> reporting live for us. thanks. let's get a check on cnn "money" stream this morning. global market the higher after blockbuster earnings from u.s. tech jie apartments. alphabet, alphab alphabet microsoft. u.s. stocks ended the day mostly higher due to good corporate report cards. today is the last day of the busiest week of earning season. expect to hear from exxon mobil, chevron and merck. the uber is finally adding multiple stops to the rides. the company introduced a new tool that lets users add up to three stops per trip. only the latest version will have the feature.
2:58 am
this holiday season could be the best for retailers in years. that's according to a new gallup poll. more than a third planning to spend at least $1,000. consumers may be spending but more and more is going on line. that causes problems for brick and mortar stores. 2017 just set the all time record for store closings. one retailer doing well, wal-mart, adding robots. the machines move up and down the aisles looking for out-of- stock items for mislabelled products. they flag them to story workers. they've been testing for the past three years and will now expand that test to 50 stores. still, the kwp has been careful to pitch the robots as helping staff, no the replacing them. but the reality is many stores are cutting jobs as amazon cuts into foot traffic, automation
2:59 am
could bring further job loss. i am old school. i like salespeople one-on-one. >> me too. but i'm trying to order my iphone x. pre ordered start . it's going to take months to put this million piece puzzle together. >> there's a level of detail about covert action we didn't have before. >> if all the files are not released the president will have a promise he did not keep with the american people. >> the uranium sale to russia is watergate modern age. >> and lifting a gag order on russia that gave attempts to the u.s. the white house never should have injected itself into this position.


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